SMS Marketing: An Often Forgotten Goldmine In A Good Mobile Strategy

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SMS Marketing: An Often Forgotten Goldmine In A Good Mobile Strategy

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Looking for a new way to reach your customers that your competitors probably aren’t trying yet?

For the right business, SMS can be an untapped fountain of prime opportunities. Here are five reasons to optimize your marketing with SMS:

1. SMS Is Permission-Based : 

SMS marketing is like (compliant) email marketing in that it requires user consent. The mobile user has to opt in before you send them the first message.

This model establishes trust between the business and the consumer. Because subscribers agree to join and stay on the list, it’s safe to assume that your customers think your messages are valuable.

2. SMS Is Mobile-Native :

Because texting was built for mobile, users intuitively understand its benefits and limitations. Many web apps, on the other hand, were built as websites first and only later developed for mobile.

In other words, there are no learning curve or user interface problems with SMS marketing. It just works.

3. SMS Has A High Open Rate :

According to a study by MobileSquared, more than 90 percent of text messages are read within three minutes. Ever get that kind of response on an email campaign? Email marketing averages an open rate of 22 percent, 29 percent for tweets and 12 percent for Facebook posts.

Because text messages are short and relatively infrequent, people’s text inboxes are much less saturated with marketing messages.

4. Most Consumers Are Willing To Receive Promotional Text Messages (Under The Right Circumstances)

While businesses need the right incentives to get people’s phone numbers, certain organizations can obtain phone numbers just by offering services like text message reminders.

According to the same MobileSquared study, 54 percent of women are willing to sign up to receive updates and reminders from various health, sporting and spiritual organizations.

With the right incentives, people are willing to share their phone numbers. A recent study discovered that almost 14 percent of people are willing to share their phone numbers with businesses to receive promotional text messages without receiving any incentive.

However, that number increases drastically when there is an incentive — 57 percent of people are willing to receive promotional text messages from a business if they receive a discount.

5. SMS Isn’t Going Away :

According to the SimpleTexting study, people are more likely to send a text message to a friend or family member than to call them directly.

Additionally, 53 percent of people said they send about the same number of text messages now as they did a year ago, and 24 percent said they send more.

This finding shows that SMS has staying power in a world that has become saturated with multiple chat and messaging platforms.

Getting Started With SMS Marketing :

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Thanks Brian Patterson who have deeply written this post in Marketingland. 


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