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Ola opens gates SMS Booking

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Ola, one of the India’s top cab start up just opened the gates for people who had problems getting a cab due to poor connectivity or no-access to internet by introducing the option to book a cab by SMS. The scope of SMS is redefined with every techno turn that enterprises bring in making lives simpler for people.

Ola opens gates for SMS Booking, MyZorza, SMS Marketing

Not only people who were facing lot of issues to book a cab while engrossed with the adversity of poor net connectivity, but the people who actually don’t have access to internet can avail the cab facilities as no matter you are connected to the web or not, one always stays connected to a cellular mobile network. If we draw some attention towards the business perspective of this parameter, with the help of SMS, OLA has widened the scope of its reach to customers or in other words paved the way to enhance the customer base and its market size at the same time.

MyZorza has been developing such customization’s for enterprise businesses now with deep customer targeting and flawless communication system, we power enterprise businesses like OLA to step out of the box and explore how an ever evolving communication mechanism can optimize the way a simple SMS turn tables for better customer reach outs.

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